Upright piano and Grand Piano Regulation

Pianos have a lot of parts. There are some 9,000 parts that have very precise tolerances.  Because of wear, these tolerances must be periodically maintained.  Playing causes felt to compact and buckskin to wear.  Humidity changes can cause the dimensions of the wooden parts to change slightly.

During a normal tuning the piano technician plays every note on your piano many times.  This reveals a lot about the condition of your action.  In order to get the most out of your piano such as very light touch and rapid repetition of notes, these critical tolerances have to be restored. 

If the piano simply needs regulation, that can be done right in your home.  Replacement of parts may require the action to be removed and taken to the shop where new parts can be installed.  Once the new parts have been installed then the action will be brought back to the piano for the final fine regulation.
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